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With a range of different services, you can pick the right one for you
Counselling (50 minutes)

For the times in life when things get tough, a straight forward and friendly listening ear can be really beneficial. When it’s not always possible to chat to a friend or loved one about personal issues; this is where counselling can be really helpful.

Using a warm and down to earth style my sessions will use techniques to help discover the underlying symptoms, using a non direct approach. This will allow us to explore any issues you have, develop ways to overcome them, and move forward positively at a pace that feels right for you.

Contact me for a free initial consultation to see if my counselling sessions could help you.

Hypnotherapy (60-90 minutes)

Hypnotherapy can work effectively across a wide range of issues such as anxiety, PTSD, addiction, unwanted behaviours and fears & phobias amongst many, many more.

Speaking directly to the sub-conscious mind I can help you to realign your subconscious thought process to affect your life for the better.

If you behave in a way you don't like, that affects your daily life, that prevents you from doing something you want to, then my hypnotherapy courses may be just what you're looking for.


Contact me for details, and together, let's see what I can help you achieve. 

Stop Smoking 
1x Session £150

Do you want to quit smoking? The modern day stigma attached to it, the smell, the expense, for health or family reasons, or maybe you just don't think it looks as cool as it used to - why not try my course of therapy design to help you stop?

For more information on how I can help you to stop, and more importantly to sustain your ability to resist picking up another cigarette, get in touch today. 


Are you pregnant? Concerned about giving birth?

My hypno-birthing therapy can be a great way of reducing any anxiety you may feel towards the massive events about to happen in your life.

Together we can explore techniques to minimise your fears and make you look forward to the wonderful experience of bringing new life into the world.

Contact me for more information.

Weight Management in Hypnosis
4 x sessions £275
Hypnotherapy is used to speak directly to the sub-conscious part of our mind that drives 80% of our thinking including negative beliefs and bad habits. The things we automatically do without conscious awareness.
The sessions can be used to re-train the brain, unscramble negative thinking and boost motivation, and completely change your relationship with food.
With an open mind and willingness to change, you could achieve amazing results and become your perfect size, weight and shape.
Generally taking place over 4 sessions, the process can be quick and long lasting!
Contact me today for more details.
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